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I will start off by saying not everyone has problems with Keystone RV's Customer Support, but make sure you are aware that things like these issues below do happen and unfortunately is not as uncommon as you might think, in fact it happens more often than not. I welcome anyone from Keystone’s management to contact me to discuss the deplorable service that I received and I that I have documented in My Experience.  I especially like the January 11th phone call, having a customer practically begging to speak to anyone at your company that might try and help and then to just hang up on them, that is ridiculous.  


People that have seen this site have asked if I would put there experiences on here as well, I think that is a great idea and that is why I put up the Forum. If you have some information that you would like to share on Keystone that might assist someone in making a decision on a Keystone product please put it in the forum. This will enable everyone to read it and make a decision for themselves.

UPDATED: 1/31/07More updates from my service center regarding the status of my RV.

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Here is my Experience with Keystone RV's Customer Service. The text below is what actually has transpired in the last three months.

11/03/06 - Made a service appointment with the place I bought my Keystone Raptor 3612 trailer to bring it in to get some issues resolved. My service rep Barry informed me that my warranty would be up by then (it expires on 11/19/06) and to call Keystone and let them know I had an appointment but it was after my warranty date.
1. Water level always shows full
2. Hydraulic Fluid was leaking from the pump
3. Black water tanks leaks a little
4. Gas Gauge appeared to be stuck at 3/4
5. If they could fix, the scratches in the door decal from when the place I bought my Keystone Raptor fixed the door issue the last time I was in. I called the Service manager multiple times and he said he would call me back with a resolution but I never heard from him and at that point I told my wife to deal with it.

11/03/06 9:21 AM PST- Called Keystone and Left Message asking for a call back, left my Cell and work numbers

11/3/06 1:50 PM PST – Called back and Spoke to a Keystone Raptor Warranty Rep (Denise), explained that our appointment is Dec 9th, she marked it down in our file and said there would be no issues getting the issues fixed at that time since I called ahead and explained they can only get me in by Dec. 9th. She gave me another authorized repair facility, Bills RV Service 805-339-0882 in Ventura. She informs me that since the place I bought my Keystone Raptor fixed the water level and gas Gauge once before and that I need to take it back there for that fix.

12/9/06 – I Dropped off the Trailer at the service center to be picked up on 12/23/06, at that time I went over all the issues (Water level always shows full, Hydraulic Fluid was leaking from the pump, the Black water tanks leaks a little and the Gas Gauge appeared to be stuck at ¾, maybe by some small miracle the door decal) with Barry and then informed him of my special door locks and that I left the Hydraulic pump compartment unlocked and that I was putting the keys to the trailer on the counter inside in case they needed them. I also informed him that the Gas Gauge appears to be working now since my last trip over Thanksgiving but I would like them to check it out.

12/19/06 - Barry called me and said Keystone would only warranty the Hydraulic Fluid Leak since that is all they have listed that I called about. They would not warranty the Fuel Station or the Water Pump, said he was working it out with them and would call me back. I offered to call Keystone and he said it wouldn’t hurt.

12/19/06 - Called Keystone and spoke to Denise again, I asked her for help resolving this issue. I told her that I had informed her of all the issues and she immediately got hostile to me and said "Look, I put everything down and if its not in the file then you didn’t tell me about it" I informed her that she was the one that told me to take the trailer back to the place I bought my Keystone Raptor since they did the work on the Water Level and Black Water tank leak before and she disputed this. I asked her why she told me to take it back to them if she was not aware that that was some of the issues. She stated she never told me that and that I never mentioned anything other than the Hydraulic leak. I can see I am getting no where with this angry woman and decided to see if Barry could do anything. I guess that I caught her at the end of the day on 11/3/06 and she just didn’t want to enter everything I said.

12/19/06 - Talked to Barry again and informed him that the lady insists I told her nothing about the other issues and that she got very hostile with me. I asked him to help me with this since it is clear that I am not going to get anywhere with this person.

12/20/06 - Barry called and said he was getting his Service Manager involved since Keystone was not cooperating. I once again offered to call Keystone and he said to let his manager see what he could do. He also stated that he was also seeing if the Extended Warranty would cover any of the issues that Keystone would not authorize and would let me know.

12/21/06 - 9:00 AM PST Barry called me and informed me that Keystone would not budge and asked me to call Keystone and speak to Kimberly Dually (Customer Service Manager), that is the Keystone Manager that they had been speaking with. He also informed me the Extended Warranty would not cover the issues that Keystone will not cover. What the hell is an extended warranty good for then?

12/21/06 - 9:10 AM PST called and left a voice mail for Kimberly Dually, gave her all my info and left my Cell phone number on her voice mail twice.

12/21/06 - 11:00 AM PST called and left a message with her co-worker and asked that they have her call me ASAP since this is critical to get resolved before the holiday.

12/21/06 - 1:00 PM PST Left another voice mail for Kimberly Dually, left all my info and my phone number twice again.

12/21/06 - Called Barry back and let him know that Kimberly Dually is not responding to my messages. Said he would try and reach her.

12/22/06 - 9:30 AM PST Barry called me and stated that Keystone is closed until December 27th.

12/22/06 - Called to leave message for Kimberly Dually, Keystone message stats they have closed until December 27th.

12/22/06 - Called back and spoke to Barry (my Service Rep), told him to fix the water level and the hydraulic leak, he informed me that I would have to pay to have the water level corrected. I asked him why it wouldn’t be covered by the service center since they fixed it back in January and he said they only warranty their work for 90 days. He states that Keystone is aware of this and was not sure why they stated I had to take the trailer back to them.  Told him to fix it anyway I need to know my water level.

12/23/06 - Picked up my trailer from the service center, Barry informed me that the hydraulic fluid leak and water level issues have been resolved and that the service center feels bad since they could not do anything for me with Keystone and that they discounted the water level work and it would only cost me 115.00. I then checked everything before I hooked up and noticed that the lock on the door to the hydraulic pump was not working. I thought it was strange that the lock appeared to be completely busted and the key wouldn’t fit in since the lock was left unlocked so they could work on the pump; it appears they broke into the open compartment to perform the work. I also left the keys in the trailer in case they needed to lock or unlock anything else. Once I opened the compartment door I noticed two dirty rags soaked with hydraulic fluid, guess they were in such a hurry they didn’t have time to clean up. I removed the rags and closed the door. Barry had one of the service guys come and try fix the broken lock, he finished the job the other service person did and completely busted the back of the lock. So now they are going to send me 6 new locks since I special ordered all my locks so I would have the same key.

12/24/06 – At home, loading up my trailer for my trip on the 27th of December and added water just to make sure that it was full, after almost 15 minutes of filling up the water tanks I was not completely sure that they even resolved the water level issue. I also decided I better make sure the hydraulic fluid leak was resolved as well, so I took a clean rag and completely cleaned the tray the hydraulic pump sits in so if any new fluid was leaking I would be able to tell.

12/27/06 - Headed out to the high desert to have some fun for the New Year.

12/29/06 - Noticed we still had a full tank of water, we are doing really good

12/31/06 - Still have a full tank of water. I guess they must have upgraded us to a 500 gallon water tank or something.

1/1/07 - Returned home from my trip, I noted my Black Water Tank and two Grey Water tanks all showed full. Looked at my water level and after a week dry camping in the high desert my Water level showed Full still, I guess me, my wife and son, mother-in-law, wife’s cousin and her two kids were better at conserving water than I had ever imagined. Checked the hydraulic fluid and there is fluid all over the tray the pump sits in. Guess that was not fixed as well since I can see where the fluid is coming from and it’s the same place it was coming out before.

1/3/07 - Called and left Message for Kimberly Dually, asked her to please call me back.

1/3/07 - Called Barry and let him know the Water level and hydraulic fluid appear to still be a problem. I asked him to pick up the trailer since I am 2 hours and about 75 bucks in gas one way away. He said he would see what he could do for me.

1/4/07 - My 2 new locks arrived today, strange, since I swear I put 6 new locks on the trailer compartments.

1/4/07 - At this point I told my wife "You picked out this F@#$ing trailer" these are all now your problems. I am just the driver and I wanted to drive the Weekend Warrior Full Throttle but she didn’t want to spend the money.

1/5/07 – My wife calls Barry and he informs her that the new locks will work and they have the same key. I will have checked this out when I go pick up my trailer for my trip on MLK Weekend.

1/5/07 - Got a message from Barry on my cell, He said I could take the trailer to another authorized repair facility and if they find that the wiring from the service center replaced is bad then it's their fault and they will refund me the $115.00 otherwise I will have to pay to get it fixed again.

1/6/07 – Try to convince my wife to go trade in the trailer and get something where there will be some customer support from the manufacturer. Once again she says she doesn’t want to buy something new.

1/10/07 - Called and left a final message for Kimberly Dually, the next call will be to someone higher if I can get a hold of anyone that cares at this damn company.

1/11//06 - Called and spoke with Denise in Customer Support again, she is trying to contact Kimberly Dually. Denise came back and said that she showed Kimberly Dually a note and my claims stand as denied, I asked to speak to Kim’s boss and Denise states that Kim Dually is the highest person in the company I can speak to. I asked to speak to Kim directly and she said she was on the phone and would call me back, I refused to let that happen after all the other messages I have left her and never hearing back. I told Denise I was not playing this game anymore and I was not getting off the phone until I spoke to Kim or her supervisor. I have been on hold now for over 25 minutes. Denise came back and said the Decision stands and that Kim Dually will not talk to me. I asked to speak to Kim's boss and she stated there is no one higher than Kim, I asked her to speak to anyone in the company that cares about the customers that buy their products and she stated she was it. She told me she was going to end the call and I asked to speak to someone else that would at least try and assist me in some way.... Then she hung up on me.

I called back and after reaching the customer support person after being on hold for a while they hung up on me again, guess they have caller ID.

1/13/07 - Now at this point I see no other alternative to venting my frustration with this nauseating company other than warn people about the service level I and others have received.  Be careful and really look into spending your money with another company that will support its customer base.

1/17/07 12:50 PM PST - Left Voice Mail for Rick Dysler (Head of Owner Relations)

1/18/07 8:30 AM PST - Received a call from ?? (Rep for Rick Dysler) Can’t believe I didn’t get his name, I guess I was in shock someone actually called me back. He stated he reviewed everything with Kim Dually yesterday and my claim stands as is. I asked him how that can be after reading the facts, unless the facts he received were incorrect. I asked him to hear my side of the story and pointed him to to read the entire thing. He said he would review what I have stated and get back to me.

1/19/07 8:50 AM PST - Brian from Keystone called back today and wanted to let me know that my claim stands as denied. He reviewed everything and looked at my version of the way things had happened on the website and he states that they are in the correct. I asked him about the lousy customer service I had received and was hung up on he stated "She had other calls to take and could not hold up her telephone". So instead of transferring me to someone else she hung up on a customer begging for help AND THIS WAS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO KEYSTONE MANAGEMENT! I told him this was the worst customer service I had every received and he couldn’t care a less. Once again I am seriously disappointed I bought an RV from a company that treats it customers like this.

So I guess at this time my relationship with the Keystone RV Company is over, I will never buy another Keystone product again. I hope after reading this you too will seriously consider spending your money with another company. Always make sure you can trust the peron or company you are doing business with, at this time how can any trust Keystone when they treat their customers this way.

1/23/07 - Well I thought this painful lesson in the lack of customer service was over and I just resigned myself to the fact that Keystone RV does not care about their customers after the 1 year mark, basically when your manufacturer warranty expires.  Apparently Keystone called my service center and spoke with them; they even had the warranty repair facility look at this website, and now they are trying to resolve these issues.  As I told the Dale the Service Manager when he called, this web site was at directed at Keystone not his company, sure their service was lousy and they should be ashamed and yes I took my trailer in for 4 repairs and got it back needing those 4 things fixed still plus one new one, my frustration was with Keystone for treating a customer the way they did.  I told Dale that through all of this the only helpful person has been Barry, my service advisor. Dale and I discussed the options for getting the work corrected, he said they would refund me the money I paid and would work with Keystone to try and find a suitable repair facility close to me since they are 2½ hours away one way.  I informed Dale that I would not object to them picking up the trailer and fixing everything correctly this time.  He thought that would be a good idea, I suppose I am taking a risk letting them try to fix it again, but I feel that they will ensure everything is fixed after seeing the web site. 
Dale also informed me that he was speaking to Kim Dually (the Keystone RV rep that refused to talk to me or erturn my calls) and that Keystone would be calling me tomorrow to discuss everything.  What that entails I have no idea, but I will let everyone know once I get the call, if they call. 

1/24/07 - Well its 2:40 PM PST and still no calls from Keystone, am I surprised? NO!

1/24/07 3:22 PM PST - Well No calls from Keystone came today, even checked my home, cell and work numbers jsut to make sure. Dale from my service center did call back today as he said he would and arranged with me to pick up my trailer regardless of Keystone not speaking to me today to ensure things are being resolved.

1/25/07 9:30 AM PST - Received a voice mail from Dale on my work phone today, he stated that he had just talked to someone from Keystone and that I would definitely be getting a call today from Keystone today.   Dale had wanted to confirm that they are picking up my trailer tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 PM and the transport company will call my cell phone when they are close to ensure I can meet them at the house since they cant take it without going over what is or is not wrong with it before they drive off.  I sure wish Keystone was as helpful as Dale and Berry have been.

1/25/07 4:40 PM PST - I’m am sure this will not shock anyone, I did not get a single call from Keystone today.  This is now two times they have told Dale that they would call me and two times they have failed to do so.  Now they are making Dale look bad, because either he is lying to me or Keystone just doesn’t care.  I think it is that Keystone just doesn’t care and apparently they don’t care about the companies that sell and service their RV's either.

1/26/07 9:32 AM PST - My wife called me and said Kimberly Dually from Keystone called and left a message asking for me to call her back.

1/26/07 9:42 AM PST – I called Keystone and asked for Kimberly Dually.  Kimberly Dually got on the phone after a Customer Service rep transferred me to her; Kimberly wanted to let me know that Keystone is going to work with the service center to ensure that the repairs are taken care of.  She stated that she would have called me back sooner, but wanted to ensure she had all the facts from the repair facility before she called and spoke with me.  We talked about when I needed the trailer back so she would know how long she has to get the repairs done, if there are any parts needed it may take some time to get them to California from back east.  I told her I needed the trailer by Feb 16th for my next trip
So Keystone is going to cover all my issues under a warranty repair.  The service center will reimburse me for the money I spent trying to get the water level issue fixed originally since Keystone wouldn’t cover it under warranty. 
She then also stated to me that "with the facts I had at the time I wouldn’t have handled anything differently, I still would not have returned your calls".  I guess digging into the facts to see if anything was missed or even talking to the customer would be going above and beyond the call, but at least they are doing something now even if it is to try and get me to shut down the website.  She stated that when she was reading everything I put on the website she found some more information and based on that information from the website she went back and looked at the facts from my calls.  She said she found some things in my file that she didn’t see at first and that was part of decision now to pay for the warranty repairs.  I guess she found that I was actually being honest about my facts on the website. 
We also discussed that since my service center doesn’t actually write down what repairs you are coming in for this is another area of contention.  Had my service center written down this information, maybe on my appointment slot, they would have had proof that I had mentioned the issues prior to bringing the RV in for repairs and before my warranty expired.  Thus giving proof that the issues existed before and I wasn’t trying to rip off Keystone by having them fix more issues than I had originally reported. 
I understand that Keystone is a major company and that companies like that are often taken advantage of, but I would hope that in the future Keystone will verify the facts before making a decision that hurts a customer financially or affects an honest customer.  If I had issues that I had not reported to Keystone before I took the RV in for warranty work it would and should have been my loss not theirs.  But this was not the case and I had told Keystone and my service center about the issues. 

Kimberly Dually then apologized for everything that has happened, that does make me feel a little better, but I still cannot believe I had to do and go through all this to get some minor repairs fixed that should have been warranties in the first place.  A simple return of a phone call in the beginning could have remedied all of this, we could have worked out all the details and everyone would have been happy. 

At that point she asked me to update the website to reflect that Keystone is now working with me and assisting me in getting the repairs done, I told her I would update the website and that I was appreciative that Keystone finally decided to work with me on these issues.  She then said once I did update the website she really hoped that I would then shut down my website.  I told her I think the website has great potential and offered Keystone the opportunity to buy the domain from me, at that time she said Keystone doesn’t buy domains. I also own so I could make them a really good deal on both.

1/26/07 1:05 PM PST – My service center had a driver at my house waiting to pick up my RV to take it back and get it fixed. So far Dale my Service Manger has been as good as Barry, I am actually hopeful that everything will come back fixed and working perfectly.

1/26/07 4:30 PM PST - My service center manager, Dale, called to let me know that my trailer had arrived and everything was fine. He wanted to let me know that the trailer arrived and that since it was Friday he would not be able to have anyone look at it until Monday. After he had his service guy check it al lout he would call me back and give me an update.

1/29/07 10:42 AM PST - Dale called and wanted to let me know that his service guy had check out the trailer and here is the update. The Hydraulic hose is bad, he wasn’t sure why this happened but he is going to get the hose for the bedroom slide replaced and at the same time he is going to replace the hose for the living room slide as well. He is going to have his tech look at the panel for water level since it still shows full and that is ordering the cables and other pieces for the dump issue. Said he would keep me informed of everything so I know where we stand.

1/30/07 11:50 AM PST - Dale called and left me a message, the slide hoses have been changed out and are working fine now, they ordered the Dump valve pieces from Keystone he is working on getting an ETA from Keystone when they would arrive.

1/31/07 3:30 PM PST – Dale called and left me another message, he received the due dates on the dump valve items that need to be replaced. The Dump cables should arrive within 5-7 days which means he should have them middle of next week. They have ordered the sending unit for the fuel gage, the fuel gage is 7-10 days out from vendor, one problem is the vendor will not drop ship to my repair facility so it has to be sent to Keystone directly and then they will get it out to Dale. Basically we are looking at two weeks before he sees it. I will need to work with Dale and see exactly what we can do for this, I don’t want Dale to have to worry about this and I am sure they don’t want my trailer any longer than they have to have it. Im sure at this point Dale and I can work something out so it is mutually beneficial for us. He did leave some good news, that Keystone did get a new door decal to them so they are getting that put on as well.

1/31/07 4:54 PM PST – Finally got a chance to call Dale back, I left a message for him but I will try and call back tomorrow. One thing I have not heard about is the water level, I am sure he is looking into that but just forgot to mention it.

At this point I have to say, Dale, the service manager from my repair facility is really making this a pleasant experience. He is keeping me informed on everything and ensuring I know what is going on as they have done all along. I wish everyone could receive service like this, even if there are problems with the work, knowing I am treated well and the issues are resolved would keep me coming back. Please understand as well that the service I received from my service center was never an issue, the only issue I had with my service center through all this was the quality of the work, I am sure that this will not be an issue when I get my RV back now.
The whole service issue lies solely with Keystone, their Customer Service Department, and Rick Dysler, the Head of Owner Relations.

Now, understand I put up a web site that was not flattering to either company, Keystone for their treatment of a customer and my service center for the lousy work they did, but at this point my service company has acknowledged this and is working to repair their image with me. Keystone on the other hand, called me and apologized, but on the same call they stated they would have done nothing different. Still they would have ignored me and not returned my calls. It shows me and hopefully you that Keystone is just not learning from this experience, and this type of attitude will keep me and others from buying another Keystone product.

Now in all fairness I know that the service that Dale is providing me at this time is going above and beyond the call of normal service issues, and I do appreciate that. I would hope that from this experience my service center will continue to hire people like Barry, my original service representative. He was helpful and kept me informed of issues that arose and asked for me to get involved at the proper times. I did not want or need to know everything that was going on with my RV, but dates of completion and issues that delay my RV delivery date to me are nice to know about and Barry did keep me informed of all that. This type of service keeps me and others from being surprised by something and feeling let down if delivery dates slip and we do not receive my RV without really knowing why.

I will give Keystone some free advice right here. The difference between being a good company and great company is how you treat your customers. If you want to be a good company you make a good product and sell it, if you want to be a great company you make a good product and then support the customers that buy it and you NEVER HANG UP on a customer begging for help for any reason!

I will keep updating the information as I get it.

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